July 20, 2013

Out of Hoobs Hotties

Today, logging on to greet friends and finish my work as a photographer for Lust magazine, I received this notecard from the founder of Hoobs Hotties, Mr Hoobdiddy :

A recent selfsnapshot, featuring myself wearing a shape made for me by a great shape designer. you can find my original shoot on my SL profile feed, located at

We regret to inform you, that you are being released from the Hotties. It is due to the lack of activity of being involved in any kind of SL Porn. Basically we have not seen or heard from you in quite some time. Also it could mean that you just have not been involved in many things or anything lately. This does not mean that we don't love you or that you can never be a Hottie again. We understand that some of you take breaks from SL, but the Hotties are ment to be for active ladies. So with that said, once we see that you are active again. There is a real good chance that we will ask you to come back with us. Thank you for everything you have done for the Hotties during the time you were with us. And we wish you the best of Luck


Hottie Team
      Which sounded pretty an excuse to me, since I post on the group notices on a monthly base to promote the magazine I work for, Lust Magazine, and I post more than weekly snapshots on my profile feed.
Well, I got involved in Hoobs Hotties since a year after Mr. Hoobs insisting for that. And my works have been published in the Hotties blog since then without my consent, and most important for me, without a link pointing to the page where the content was downloaded.
I never complained, but I decided to move my jobs on platforms like Tumblr and online publishing make easier to give credit when reblogging someone else's work, including automatically a link to the page where the pictures were originally posted.

And more importantly, I never asked a Linden for that. Now what I got is a ten lines notecard. Farewell.


  1. Welcome to the Ex Hottie Club!

    The original idea for the hotties was a good one as the top women in SL porn. But as the group grew and people like us were expelled it has become a comical revolving door. My reason for expulsion was that he was closing down the group, but funny how only me, Zoey & Sammy were expelled. I could see Zoey cause her name could be at one end of the list when he was removing, but to jump to me in the middle of the list shows that something else was at work here and his excuse to be false.

    The group is really a regurgitation of the womens work with a few of Hoobs shoots sprinkled in. He piggy backs on the girl’s fame to try and create his own. Who needs that?

  2. Just as Emily said, I have not much to add but it was more funny that he told Emily not to take it personal..

    I took it very personal.. Because I got ejected from the group and when it was suddenly said the group would live on, neither of us three that got booted out were asked to rejoin.. No, the current CEO went to send out a notice to look for three NEW hotties..

    But oh well, I love being a member of the Ex Hottie Club, I get free drinks now... Who could pass on that :P

  3. If he is removing you or anyone for lack of work then why is Emmanuelle Jameson still on there? It has been well documented her account was hacked and not done anything in months.

    Some of those hotties I have never heard of at all.

  4. This lack of work thing is a pretext indeed. Just got that one too, and I've been more active than quite a few other Hotties lately. And my work is on Flickr, and I made a point to add it to his group each time, so he doesn't even have that excuse. No, this thing just got to his head and this group has become totally meaningless.

  5. Thank you girls it's great to hear I'm not alone... My baseline below all of this is that He's always been kind and gentle when it was about taking us to bed and exploiting our work like it was his property.
    Well, if Hoobs likes to trat me like an employee when he thinks he doesn't need anymore I wonder did he pay me for that? lol

    If you run along this blog, all the content I posted is original, and crafted by me spending hours of my time, and whenever I reposted some other people work I always gave full credit AND links to the original source.

    As Emily said, it's too bad to see cool guys like him exploit other people work like it was their own, and try to gain fame and exposure without adding a single bit of value.